The Body Shaper by BA Olivia

The body shaper is worn by Affiliate Olivia who wears it as an undergarment and an ultra sexy top wear.

Have you ever wanted to get in the perfect dress then you realize you don’t like the way it’s fitting?


The body shapers are perfect for that reason. It tucks and hide all that we don’t want to show. The more we feel comfortable, the more confident we are. I totally get it. I get tired of holding my tummy in meanwhile the shaper has tummy control so it’s sucks it in so you don’t have to hold it all in. I have learned that a body shaper surely saves lives in fact all body shapers matter lol! I wear this underneath a fitted dress, for tummy control or out for the day and night when I want to suck it it in or hide some things while still being cute. 

Meet The Real Body Shaper... perfect for undergarment wear and making sure you have the clean look in your dress or stylish outfit.  

Wear it minus the underwear and bra if you choose, it has that support. If you wear a bra it has even more support. Simply put on the bra, and slip on the body shaper on top and top it off with that sexy dress or outfit you are dying to wear out. 

The body shaper benefits:

1. It’s comfortable and you can’t tell you have it on.
2. It encourages compression for target areas.
3. Perfect for women with postpartum.
4. Helps with posture.
5. Bustline support.
6. Boost confidence.
7. Increase blood circulation.

How to wear it:
1. Underneath that perfect dress.
2. Underneath an outfit for tummy control.
3. Let the compression do the work stop sucking it all in with your cute outfit on and looking uncomfortable.
4. Put the undergarment on with no underwear or bra then put the outfit on.
5. Now watch how it sucks you in and shape your body giving you that perfect contour for your outfit.
6. They run small so read below to assure you order a size that fits accordingly. 

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 WE CURRENTLY ONLY HAVE BLACK IN STYLE. The black shapers ships in 48 hours -72 hours. If you would like beige shipments will take 2 weeks. 

The waist trimmers run small so please check the size chart below to order your correct size. They fit like glue to your body but you want to be able to get in and out of it easily.


Large: size 2-6 pants size.

XL: size 8 pants size. 

XXL: size 10 pants size

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