Day 7 and Day 8

Day 7: Saturday and Sunday Day 8 (Rest Day or Gym Day)


Breakfast: Keep it healthy and make your grocery list. What will you change this week while grocery shopping?

Snacks: When grocery shopping keep healthy snacks in mind. Share two healthy snacks you plan to make next week in the

Lunch: You can cheat today JUST DON’T DRINK ANY


Dinner: So you went grocery shopping what are your meal prep plans for the week please share in the group? Did you meet the goal of no alcohol today? If you do a light run today wear the waist trimmer and remember it only take 20-30

minutes a day to change your life.

If you’re trying to lose weight running is NECESSARY. Make no excuses if you want to make it happen.

You should be running before working out as well as during one of your rest days ...that’s where the flat tummy makes a

huge difference. Today’s target: Preparation Day:

Day 7: Saturday and Sunday Day 8 (Rest

Day or Gym Day)


The checklist:

My weight_____________
My measurements_________________ Grocery List_________________
Gym Schedule _________________
Meal prep for the week ____________________ Waist trimmer _____________
Snack Prep_____________
Water Prep________________

Motivational quote of the week: “A lot of women
like to be super tiny, but I don’t want a child’s body. I want a

woman’s body that is extremely fit.” Ashley Greene Answer the following questions on FB:

1. What is your motivation this week which is the final week for the challenge?

2. Do you think you can continue this journey using the tools you have in the ebook?

3. Who was the most inspirational person in the group that kept you focused name a member that’s in the challenge with


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