Week 3 Flat Tummy Challenge

Week 3

This week your goal is to: Hit the grocery store again with a list and mix it up. Think fruit, veggies, fruit for your water, and everything on your list... that requires discipline. The list keeps you focused and it allows you to keep what’s important to you first. Often times when we hit the grocery store we shop with our eyes. This week your goal is to maximize off of using the list weekly. I grocery shop weekly and it saves me money and time along with having my list in my phone so I’m not scrambling nor shopping unhealthy. Eating healthy and hitting the gym is the ultimate secret. It’s about 80% what you eat 20% of the gym. I worked out for 6 years on abs alone and seen hardly anything until I begin eating right.  Continue to wear the waist trimmer, cocoa butter and keep up with your workouts but make a special note to self: It’s really what I eat!” This week don’t eat anything white, no alcohol, and no fried food.

Accountability: What are you eating these days....  this week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, post a pic?

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