Black Friday Bundle Deals

The word is out... Bundle and Save....

Our waist trainers are high quality, affordable and high grade. We are known for our superior quality and long lasting waist trainers with a support group to keep you in the game  

The Support Group:

This month we wanted to make sure you have what you need and you join the fitness challenge on FB the group is: NAO Fit Gang.

Check out this month's bundles. We have 5 deals ranging from $75-$200 with a savings of $25-$60.


Listen we get it like we said in the video, you need a plan and team and that’s where NAO Fit Gang comes in.

The deals are going fast so it’s first come first served and if they sell out we will post when we restock.


What’s in all Starter Kits (click them each for more details): 

1. Waist trainers, or thigh abs leg trainers

2. Waist beads 

3. Detox Oil 

4. Reusable wrap 

5. Selfie Light 

6. Arm and or leg bands 

Each bundle is different read the info and chat live with us if you have questions  


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