Day 2

Day 2: TUESDAY Rest Day

Breakfast: no bread Ideas:


Snacks: What’s your snack of the day? (share on the FB group page)

Lunch: no bread and no sodas Ideas:

Dinner: No bread, no sodas and no carbs Ideas: 5556%2Fvideos%2F1528328047296743%2F&show_text=1&wi


Today’s target: relax, organize and take a mental break. If you’re doing a lot of moving around wear the waist trimmer and

simply relax today Take a mental break. You don’t want to overwork your body so taking a break gives your body time to heal and recuperate to prepare for the next phase.

Now let’s mentally prepare ourselves by: organizing our meals, reading a good book, taking time out for YOU AND doing

anything that pleases you other than eating unhealthy: window shop, swimming, out with friends, writing etc. Snack: .

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