About NAO Fit Gang

NAO Fit Gang open April 20, 2018 with a mission to encourage a healthy lifestyle while living wiser at an affordable cost.

NAO Fit Gang's products range from ladies workout products and gear and everyday wear. We specialize in gym gear, fitness products such as: waist trainers, sweat vest, detoxes, body shapers other body enhancements products such as: butt pads and waist beads. Our products are designed to motivate you to continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our products are affordable, great in quality and we offer some of the best deals at your convenience.

We are on Instagram as : Naofitgang as well as FB, Instagram, Tic Toc, and Youtube. . Join the fun where we share insights on deals, discuss major giveaways, and giveaway prizes for our loyal customers in the FB group.

NAOrganizing begin in 2016 where we encourage children and ladies and gents around the globe to stay fit and healthy. We lauched 11 programs at schools in North Philadelphia and Arkansas and seen a huge effect in our nutrition, savings, and fitness programs. 

In 2017 NAOrganizing begin hosting fit challenges titled, The Flat Tummy Challenge which has been a ton of fun loaded with prizes, giveaways, and most importantly motivation and increased awareness on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s how NAO Fit Gang really started!

In 2018, NAorganizing partnered with a school in Haiti and one of our new missions include  giving back with sales and donations. After returning from that trip we were inspired to birth NAO Fit Gang. Health became a personal mission more now than ever.

In 2019, NAO Fit Gang begin seeing an increase in the fitness challenges with engagement and new membership. NAO became certified as a CPR instructor and to date has certified over 100 students across the USA. 

In 2020, NAO Fit Gang begin collaborating with several other business owners and leveraged its business network. NAO introduced Zumba to our students and its been a huge blessing. Monday and Wednesday nights we are at zumba.dance at 845 pm EST.

In 2021, NAO has already surpassed its sales goal to day. From tradeshows to flea markets, to pop up events, to meeting new clients daily on the internet or social media, NAO Fit Gang plans to continue its brand awareness, marketing tactics, and business strategies. We became certified by ASFA as a Physical Trainer and have begin working with more students virtually in small groups and individual sessions. We launched a Business Boot Camp in collaboration with one of our business partners in May 2021 that has over 100 small business owners involved. Find us on Eventbrite, Tic Toc and FB: The Business Boot Camp Talk.

We are excited for what's next for NAO Fit Gang, its business team and partners, and collaboration partners.

Thank you for joining our team whether you're a customer, loyal customer, brand ambassador, visitor, donor, sponsor or proud supporter, we truly thank you for your support.


Many blessings,


NAO Fit Gang

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