About N.A.O. Fit Gang (Nequetta Alford)

I (Nequetta Alford) was born and raised in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and at age of 13, begin operating my own business. I asked my father to loan me $500 to host my first party and he asked for me to present a business plan.

Since he was a DJ part-time, I wrote down that he would be my DJ at a rate of $200, the building was $200 to rent, and I agreed to pay my mom $100 for working the door and collecting money from my guest.

He loved the plan and said, “let’s do it.” My mom took me to meet the building manager to review the contract and secure the building. We hosted our first party and I made over $5K that night.

I paid my dad back his $500 and gave him $200 for being my DJ and my mom $100 for securing the door. In 1993 you didn’t need security for huge parties, in fact, we had adults at the party as well. With a net profit of over $4K, I got my first car crash. My mom and dad were so proud. We kept having parties, events, braiding hair, etc until I left Arkansas in 2004 to attend graduate school in Philadelphia where I took $37K cash with me from Arkansas to Philadelphia.

My dad and mom were surely my business inspiration. They taught me all they knew, and they didn’t know much about business and had never rained a business. They just understand the fun and how to bring people together which I learned from them both.

Once I got to Philly, I realized my entrepreneur hat was off and had to put on my working hat. I received an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix and a MA in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph University as well as being certified in Behavior Analysis. I worked as a Behavior Specialist in over 30 schools for over 9 years and decided in 2018 to go back to work for myself.

N.A.O. Fit Gang opened on April 20, 2018, with a mission to encourage a healthy lifestyle while living wiser at an affordable cost.

N.A.O. Fit Gang’s products range from workout products to fitness gear and everyday wear. We specialize in gym gear, fitness products such as waist trainers, sweat vests, detoxes, body shapers and other body enhancements products such as butt pads, butt lifts, arm and leg bands, and waist beads. Our products are designed to motivate our customers to continue to live a healthy lifestyle with support.

Our products are affordable, great in quality and we offer some of the best deals at our customer’s convenience. One of the best compliments we always receive in business is about our support group. Our support group has 2K members from all over the world and our monthly fitness challenges keep our members engaged and hitting their goals. We also offer Zumba classes, and CPR Classes and we host monthly giveaways for our supporters to keep our members motivated.

We are on Instagram as @naofitgang as well as FB, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube. Join the fun where we share insights on deals, discuss major giveaways and giveaway prizes for our loyal customers in the FB group. We also make sure our VIP customers receive text alerts as reminders and weekly newsletters for updates.

NAOrganizing is our nonprofit and begin in 2016 where we encourage children and ladies and gents around the globe to stay fit and healthy via our programming. In 2017, we also launched 11 programs in schools in North Philadelphia and Arkansas and have seen a huge effect on our nutrition, and life skills. savings, and fitness programs.

In 2017, NAOrganizing begin hosting fit challenges titled, The Flat Tummy Challenge which has been a ton of fun loaded with prizes, giveaways, and most importantly motivation and increased awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s how N.A.O. Fit Gang really started!

We were recognized by Fox News for one of our programs called Hair-Esteem where we brought students, parents, teachers, and communities together to raise awareness about girls being picked on about their hair. Hair esteem was also introduced to Senator Anthony Williams as a program post the pandemic. We were also instrumental in working with Acclaim Academy by being a volunteer for the Soda Tax with Mayor Kenny of Philadelphia.

In 2018, NAorganizing partnered with a school in Haiti where we had the opportunity to visit Delmar, Haiti. After returning from that trip we were inspired to birth N.A.O. Fit Gang. Health became a personal mission more now than ever. We were interviewed on the local T.V. station and worked with over 40 youth with autism, cerebral palsy, and many other mental health disorders.

It was a joy to discover how to make our detox juice and oil while in Haiti. We are proud to say that, 2018 was an amazing starter season for us, we also worked with many writers and producers for the Emmy Award-Winning show, “On the Spectrum,” as a consultant and appeared on 3 episodes of the show.

In 2019, N.A.O. Fit Gang begin seeing an increase in the fitness challenges with engagement and new membership. We became certified as a CPR instructors and to date have certified over 150 students across the USA and Mexico. We were recognized by the City of Philadelphia, Lucien Blackwell, and the Mayor of Philadelphia for our work with programs in schools.

In 2020, N.A.O. Fit Gang begin collaborating with several other business owners and leveraged its business network. N.A.O. introduced Zumba to our students, and it’s been a huge blessing. We graduated from the Cornell Women’s Entrepreneurship Program Sponsored by Bank of America, and we were recognized by Huami Magazine for our contributions to healthcare.

In 2021, N.A.O. has already surpassed its sales goal to date. From tradeshows to flea markets, to pop-up events, to meeting new clients daily on the internet or social media, N.A.O. Fit Gang plans to continue its brand awareness, marketing tactics, and business strategies. We became certified by ASFA as a Physical Trainer and have begun working with more students virtually in small groups and individual sessions.

We launched a Business Boot Camp and Business Exchanges that have hundreds of small business owners involved. We continue to teach business tactics to youth and adults across the globe. We presented over 40 vendors for the Annual Summer Breeze Festival in Arkansas and have a consistent relationship to present vendors for this annual event. We were also awarded and recognized for Womenpreneurship Calendar Release & Networking Event 2021.

We are excited about what’s next for N.A.O. Fit Gang, its business team and partners, and collaboration partners.

Thank you for joining our team whether you’re a customer, loyal customer, brand ambassador, visitor, donor, sponsor, or proud supporter, we truly thank you for your support.

About obstacles and challenges… It started off amazing (family, business, and social living, especially having my mom and dad right by my side every step of the way.

Then in 2019, my father passed away in his sleep. In 2021, my mother passed away from COVID-19. I can honestly say it got very hard. I just couldn’t believe my mom and dad were gone just that fast. It really took a toll on my personal life and business. I then sold my home and left Philly to move to Baltimore with my significant other.

I just didn’t understand how I went from making detox juice with my mom in her kitchen when I would visit Arkansas to now making it by myself. I just couldn’t believe it. I am still taking it slow.

I can truly say having a supportive sister, significant other, mentors and friends surely have helped to get me through it, and honestly, I’m still going through it. I just take it one day at a time. I just know what my mom and dad would have wanted, and that’s for me to keep going. I just hate looking back and they aren’t there in flesh, but I know that they are always there in spirit.

It’s been a very rocky road this past three years, but I can say, I am thankful for my support system and to be able to go on from day to day while still managing my business., aspirations, and dreams.

N.A.O. Fit Gang is all about helping women and men with their bodies, bank accounts, and brains. We teach health and fitness, savings and budgeting, and self-care skills. Since being in Baltimore for 3 months now, it’s been a great perspective.

The fun all takes place in our fitness group on Facebook (N.A.O. Fit Gang). Women and men post their food, and workouts and engage and take our fitness challenges. Members share what we do with friends and family and support one another daily. We receive messages weekly from members about losing weight in our fitness challenges or with our products and that’s what keeps us going along with testimonials and reviews.

We specialize in waist trainers, stubborn belly fat detox juice, stubborn belly fat detox oil, fitness gear, swimwear, and body enhancement products such as butt lifts, butt pads, and waist beds. We carry over 300 products in our online store. We are known for having the best seller waist trainers that run in sizes S-8X.

Ladies and men love that we have a variety of over 8 waist trainers that range from the belly and back support, upper body support, lower body support, leg, and arm support, and full-body support.

I am most proud of the support group and consistency for over 4.5 years where we have hosted over 100 fitness challenges from our FB page to our FB group. I am also proud of our affiliates who bring in many families and friends along the journey of what we do in the fitness group and with our fitness challenges.

Finally, I am proud that we have a legitimate brand and thankful for my honey, Ethan. Ethan took the time to perfect our logo that is now being trademarked and enhanced over the past 4 years. The logo speaks to who we are and what we represent in addition to highlighting our brand colors:

Femininity, youth, and innocence-pink.
Powerful, sophisticated, edgy- black.
Happiness, youth, and optimism, attention-grabbing or affordable-yellow.

I would like your readers to know that we are passionate and love helping with goal setting when it comes to health and fitness. We have support and fitness challenges, join the fun! We can’t wait to see YOU in our next fitness challenge.


Every April 21, we celebrate our anniversary. This Year is year 4.

This 2022, we relaunched our Swim Collection and on April 20, 2022. We are also happy to participate in local and national events to showcase our products and services like trade shows and festivals.


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Many blessings, N.A.O. Fit Gang.

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