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The Water and Waist Training Challenge

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The Ultimate Body Shaper

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New Reflective Waist Trainers perfect for working out, running, walking and being out at night.

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Have questions about How to put on your N.A.O. Fit Gang Waist Trainer, watch the video below.

Many times we think the waist trainer is too small, it’s all about how you put it in. First hook it at the top then bring it up to your chest to zip it then pull it over your target area.

We know that waist trainers can be hard to get into or to put on. Our Brand Ambassadors Mia (Vegas) and Ledora (Houston) shows us how they puts on their waist trainers. Tap the video to watch and enjoy. In the video the ladies are wearing a 3X.

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Pairs with Zumba and Waist Training: Meet the Breast Bands

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Meet our New Fitness Collection: All Eyes On Me

Our fitness collection is for sassy and sexy women who are hitting goals and happy to share their results. Click any piece you would like to see or visit our Fit Collection to see more.


NAO FIT GANG is a movement that promotes positivity and encourages all to do better no matter where they are in their fitness journey. I love that it's a judgement free zone

Shamora (Philly)

This waist trimmer is simply AMAZING!!! I have seen major results within the past 3 weeks I started wearing it.... I LOVE IT!!!

Trameka (Arkansas)

NAO FIT GANG! Is the epitome of support! This group has pushed and motivated me in so many way. On days when i simply don’t feel like posting or supporting. NA Is right there with the daily motivational quotes and questions. She’s an excellent mentor and person! If you’re not connected you’re loosing.

LaRonda (Texas)

NAO Fit Gang is highly recommended! Can be life changing if you do the work and stay consistent! Nequetta Alford will definitely assist you along the way! She helps me in more ways than one. She is very professional and always ready to do business

Nikita (Texas)


I think Im finally getting to where I want as far as not really losing and toning. I always like to give up when I don’t see results but it took your challenges to keep me accountable and see that the change comes from being consistent.

Norma (New Jersey)

Hey guys, one week later after taking the detox I can button my shorts WOO HOO!

Berry (Philly)

A wonderful black owned company and on time.

Erica (Virginia)

Get in shape AGAIN BETTER then ever with NAO Fit Gang.

Pernell (Arkansas)

I recently started one of the detox and I am not only seeing results within a days times but I’m also feeling better I plan to make this a lifestyle commitment. 

Leslie (Arkansas)

Great business! Nice products! Wonderful job Nequetta! 

Christy (Philly)


N.A.O. Fit Gang




I lost 4 lbs in two weeks not even being consistent drinking the juice and now I’m wearing my waist trimmer and being consistent. 

Brandi- Vineland, NJ

I love the clothing, how to stay healthy, and basically, not to wait and depend on no one which is what NFG practices.  I love the challenges and everything things Nequetta is doing. It does help the soul, mind, and body!

Betty-Pine Bluff, AR

I would recommend NAO fit Gang to anyone. A lot of times you ask people how did they lose their weight they act like it’s a secret. I have tried everything to lose weight and this juice has really help. Thanks so much.

Janelle Little Rock

I eat cut up apples and peanut butter or grapes. I stop eating at 8:00 pm and I drink my juice before I go to bed. My kids tells me that my stomach has really went down. 

Janelle- Little Rock

I’m taking the necessary steps for a healthier me this time with accountability and not alone! Changing the game cause I got the juice. 

Michele Little Rock
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