What size should I order?

Be sure to read the information in the description of each item. Each size and style differs in fit, stretch, and support and we want to give you as much as information as possible for your body type. We try our best to ship the size based on the description but also understand each body type is different. Read the descriptions carefully as we have enhanced our descriptions to give you a better understanding based on shapes and sizes. If you have further questions inbox us on our business FB page or email us, our email is below.


How often should I wear the waist trimmer or waist trainer:

Wear the waist trimmer for 2-4 hours per day. Many individuals wear it longer and some even sleep in them, but we suggest a minimum of wearing the waist trainer 2 hours per day. Consistency is key. The testimonies we receive are mostly from individuals who are consistent with the challenges and or waist training. We suggest using the detox belly fat oil 10 minutes prior to waist training and then watch the difference. 


How do I wear the waist trimmer?

Most waist trainers are made to be worn over your clothing. Our waist trimmers are made to be worn over your shirt or blouse. The waist trimmers are durable so we don't want the oil to affect the waist trimmer or the sweat as you wear it daily. We have waist trimmers for various body types just be sure to read the description so that you understand how to order the support you need and learn how to properly wear the waist trimmers.


Can I wear two waist trimmers?

We have videos on our FB Page @NAO Fit Gang on how to wear a waist trimmer, how to layer a waist trimmer and how to wear two waist trimmers. We also have a support group @NAO Fit Gang where we host biweekly challenges and share tips about the waist trimmers, detox juice, detox belly fat oil and body shapers. 


Can I work out in the waist trimmer?

Yes you may workout in the waist trimmer. We suggest it for all workouts except yoga. If you engage in yoga use a thin wait trainer or shaper versus a thick waist trimmer so that you can move around.


What purpose does the waist trainer or trimmer serve?

Waist trimmers gives great back support especially if they are great in quality. Our waist trimmer you will notice are different from most waist trimmers that are on the market. They support your back, waist, and stomach. Our waist strimmer's do not poke you in the back and they can stand up alone meaning the quality is thick, durable and strong. Low quality waist trimmers can cause medical pain and problems. Do us a favor: test it (test your waist trimmer) by putting your waist trimmer in a circle and see if it stands up alone. If so, that's the support you should expect.


Can I wash the wash trainer?

Hand wash and air dry the waist trainer if you wash it. Consider using antibacterial spray and Febreze also. 

Is waist training only for women?

Not at all! It's very popular among women but we can tell you that men are increasingly purchasing waist trainers along with children. In the health wellness we cater to all genders, ages, etc. 


If I'm pregnant should I wear a waist trainer?

Moms that are pregnant should not waist train. When you are ready, consider purchasing a waist trainer that is appropriate for moms. Post-baby,  wait at least 2-3 months before wearing a waist trimmer with straps so that it doesn't affect the belly.


Our email:      info@naofitgang.com

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