Day 4

Day 4: Thursday (Rest Day)

Breakfast: no bread, no sodas, and no rice or pasta Ideas:

Snacks: Lunch: Ideas: Dinner:

Today’s target: relax, organize and take a mental break. If you’re doing a lot of moving around wear the waist trimmer and

simply relax today

Take a mental break. Do something that makes you happy just use consistency.

Many people don’t understand that change happens first in your mind so take this mental time seriously.

DO NOT overwork your body it only will cause you to be weak, overworked and possibly pull a muscle.

Let your body heal to reset for the next day workout.

Now let’s mentally prepare ourselves by: enjoying the fresh air, listening to therapeutic music, getting a massage, enjoying the

sauna or simply enjoy doing nothing forceful today. Get ready for Gym Day.

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