Day 5

Day 5: Friday (Gym Day)


Breakfast: No bread, No sodas, No alcohol, No pasta or rice (use also for lunch and dinner)

Ideas: Snacks: Lunch ideas: Dinner ideas:

What is your weight today __________ What are your measurements _________

Today’s target: 10 upper body workouts: Gym: waist trimmer on and no drinking water at the gym only after the workout. Do not rest longer than 45 seconds. Start with 6 minutes of cardio- running or fast walking. (If you’re not sweating stay on longer than 6 mins with increasing the time every week yet increasing

the levels by 1-2.

After the workout head to your workout station and complete 70 jumping jacks Now let’s start your 10 upper body workouts

of the day: Head to FB and check out all 10 ab workouts for the day.

You may also find these workouts on blog at Today complete all 10 workouts 3 reps of 10. If you stopped in between or rest longer than 45

seconds add one to two to your count for stopping.

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