Flat Tummy Challenge Day 1

Day 1: Monday (Gym Day)

Breakfast: Smoothie- pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe and peanut butter. 1 glass of water and my coffee. Snacks: fruit and crackers and 1 glass of water. Lunch: salad and water Dinner: Chicken, veggies and sweet potatoes

What is your weight today __________ What are your measurements _________

Today’s target: 10 ab workouts: Gym: waist trimmer on and no drinking water at the gym only after the workout. Do not rest longer than 45 seconds. Start with 6 minutes of cardio- running or fast walking. (If you’re not sweating stay on longer than 6 mins with increasing the time every week yet increasing the levels by 1-2. After the workout head to your workout station and complete 50 jumping jacks Now let’s start your 10 abs workouts of the day: Head to FB and check out all 10 ab workouts for the day. The workouts are on the FB group: @Flattummychallenge under the Page: @naorganizing

Today complete all 10 workouts 3 reps of 10. If you stopped in between or rest longer than 45 seconds add one to two to your

count for stopping. The No NO’s No water until the workout is complete No texting or talking on the phone No taking long breaks Snack: fruit, salad, shake or something light. If your building muscle drink a protein shake or add peanut-butter. If you’re losing weight don’t add the peanut butter but surely a

shake and drink tons of water. Get ready for day 2....

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