Tips for The Flat Tummy Challenge

Here are the keys: 
  1. recorded measurements weekly
  2. workout 2-5 days a week
  3. Eat healthy daily
  4. Drink tons of water
  5. Be consistent

You may post on the group what and when you like it’s an open group it’s @flatummychallennge. We love when you share your food ideas, workouts, water goals, what is working or what’s not working, inspiration for the week or simply how you feel.

Tip 1:
Follow @naorganizing so you can get some inspiration from the ladies who were consistent in the challenge. You will need inspiration that’s life. 

Tip 2: Be sure to get the Grab a waist trimmer. You will need it for this challenge. Simply go to and we have waist trimmers for all shapes and sizes for this challenge. You also will need cocoa butter or some type of oily lubricant for your stomach, sides and back. You want to place a generous amount of cocoa butter on your tummy, sides and back then put on the waist trimmer. There are videos of the process @naorganizing. Remember mind control is everything... you can’t start unprepared. Get the waist trimmer and cocoa butter early so you can be ahead of the game.

Tip 3: Ask your family and friends to support you on the challenge. Tell them to reframe from encouraging you to eat out or bring you unhealthy snacks. Simply set boundaries in your circle, at home and at work. Encourage a friend or two to join you on the challenge.

Tip 4: Prepare to drink tons of fruit water. Water is fulfilling, refreshing  and it’s a great body cleanser. Be also prepared to go to the bathroom a lot that’s simply flushing your system. Practice Kegal exercises if you feel that you are using the bathroom way to much. 
Tip 5: Detox if you must. A clean system is key to starting fresh. Just be prepared for the bathroom again, ha.
To pay your $10 to join the challenge do so at:
Cash app: NequettaAlford
All proceeds goes to the winners.
Please email for questions:

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