Week 2 Flat Tummy Challenge

Week 2:

This week your goal is to increase your workout either in frequency or time. If your normally workout out for 30 minutes put in an extra 5 minutes. The body plateau’s when it gets use to the same routine so to avoid that mix up your exercises, try new techniques, hit the pool to workout as much as possible and workout at home if you can’t workout in the gym. I do it every week. No sweets, alcohol, or sugars this week.

Your goal this week is to: watch your calorie intake. Most people thinking going hard in the gym is it but going hard in the kitchen is really it. When I started eating healthy is when I seen the best results. I no longer eat dip I eat hummus, I no longer eat bread I eat tortilla, and I no longer drink sodas I drink fruit water. Those are my biggest secrets to losing weight. This week you want to be sure you are not eating socially with friends or because your on your cycle or because you’re stressed. It starts first in your mind then in the grocery store. If you made that list stay true to it. If you didn’t, make a list of the things you want to eat for the week and simply follow it at the grocery store. There are so many healthy alternatives to things you like simply google it you would be surprised.

Accountability: Post a picture of something you substituted for a healthier alternative this week. How is the water goal going?


Remember we are at FB @flattummychallenge group @naorganizing page


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