Week 5 Flat Tummy Challenge

Week 5

This week your goal is to think of everything you have worked so hard for and discuss how you will be able to maintain. In my experience obtaining things are easy it’s sustainabilty that produces results. Maintaining becomes easier when you do reach your goal because at that point it has become a habit. Now that I have reached my goals, I workout 2-3 days a week and skip some weeks and eat healthy, while indulging maybe one day per week. This week no fried food and bread. 

Accountability: If you made It this far, let’s talk about it share your experience and are you ready for the next challenge?

Write us a review @naofitgang or @naorganizing. We would really appreciate it. Winners to be announced June 1, 2018 and don't forget to submit your final weight and measurements to enter the winnings for the cash prizes. 


Next challenge starts June 15, 2018 to pay $10 to enter use cash app: nequettaalford or paypal: naorganizing@gmail.com

Be the blessing you want to see....

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