Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer
Miss Corset Waist Trainer

Miss Corset Waist Trainer

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Meet Our Corset Waist Trainer with full belly coverage and has been effective for just being sexy with belly control. Our customers state that this waist trainer is perfect for wearing underneath their workout gear, work clothing or evening wear to curve the waist. This waist trainer has also been known to make you sweat and hit your goals with consistency. Whether you decide to do some housework, classwork, gym work, or work work... you will love the Corset. Be sure to waist train 3-4 hours per day for maximum results. More instructions below.




Video on YouTube  - How to Put on the Waist Trainer:: Both Models in the videos below are wearing a 3X and went from a 4X and 5X.

(395) How to put on your N.A.O. Fit Gang waist trainer - YouTube

(395) BA Ledora in Houston showing us HOW SHE WAIST TRAINS THROUGHOUT THE DAY. - YouTube


Video on YouTube: How to stretch your Waist Trainer:- Model is wearing a Medium and went from a Large.

(395) I Can’t Fit My Waist Trainer... How to Stretch the Waist Trainer - YouTube


NAO Fit Gang is here to meet all of your flat tummy needs. We offer waist trainers, body shapers and body enhancers (butt pads and lifts.) We also offer Zumba classes and we are excited to be someone that you can trust with your fitness goals. Follow our business page and group at @NAO Fit Gang on FB and IG. That’s where all of our FREE fitness challenges take place every single month. It’s also where we hold you accountable and help you reach your goals


SIZING FOR ORDERING in pants size/shirt size:

Many ladies measure their waist trainers by their pants size and go up a size depending on their belly. Many ladies also measure their waist trainers by their shirt size. We suggest using which ever you believe would be best for you.


S pants size 0-4 (Shirt Size S)

M pants size 6-8  (Shirt Size M-L)

L pants size  10  (Shirt Size L-XL)

XL pants size 12  (shirt size (XL-2X)

2X  pants size 14 (shirt size 2X)

3X pants size 16 (shirt size 3X)

4X pants size  18 (shirt size 4X)

5X pants size 20 (shirt size 2-5X)

6X pants size 22  (shirt size 2-6X)

Many of the waist trainers you have to put in some work to get it on that’s why there is a method to putting it on. Watching the video will assist you in ordering the correct size. Model Mia is wearing a 3X in the video. Also in the video is Ledora she is also wearing a 3X waist trainer. If you are unsure order two sizes up to save you on shipping and exchanges. 

Here are the steps:

1. If you can not get into your waist trainer, Stretch the waist trainer first before putting it on. Place your knee in the waist trainer and pull up with your arms on both sides while pulling down with your knew. Do this at least 8-10 times.

2. When putting the waist trainer on you have to hook the top above your tummy. Once you hook the top, then bring the zipper portion up above your target area and zip upwards pulling the waist trainer down and holding your tummy in as seen in the video.

3. Secure the strap (Velcro) and make sure it’s not to tight.

4. You should be waist training DAILY 3-4 hours a day.

5. Be sure to snap a picture and tag us. What helps and pairs with this waist trainer is: detox juice, sweat oil and the reusable wrap. Check out our bundles and save. We do not recommend using Saran Wrap here is what you should know about putting plastic on your body. Phthalates are probably toxic because they disrupt hormones, and these compounds can leach into food wrapped in plastics made with them. (drweil.com)

Here is what you should know about our reusable wraps: PVC Wrap makes the gel or cream penetrate faster and deeper into the skin. The wrap produces heat similar to something like a sauna effect when wrapped around your waist. It is made out of ultra-thin PVC material making it easy for you to move around with less restriction when using the product.


We do allow exchanges. You pay to ship it back we pay to ship the new one. Save yourself time and money watching our videos on our YouTube channel: to make sure you order the correct size: YouTube channel:  naofitgang. We ship in 5-7 days.


JOIN the fun!

 Fitness challenges on FB at:  N.A.O. Fit Gang

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