My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge
My Focus Year Challenge

My Focus Year Challenge

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1. Prepare by getting everything you need to hit your goals! Blender or Juicer, fruit, veggies, water or milk.

2. Drink at least one smoothie a day for the this year to replace a meal: breakfasts, lunch of dinner.

3. Download this free ebook journal that will be provided along with recipes for smoothies and juicing. (Ebook released on Wednesday).

4. Post in your journal to hold you accountable. Posting believe it or not helps keep you in the game. Many people in the challenge stated that posting helps keep them focused and is a constant reminder to more consistent. One fact we know is people who post are losing more weight snd inches than those that don’t. There is something mental about seeing your own post, it motivates you to keep going and it’s a reminder of where you left off.

5. Use hashtag #2022goals when posting so we can track the challenge. Once you click it you also see others ideas and results to keep going.

6. The challenge is on…. It’s to prepare YOU to be focused and ready ... preparation is it.

7. Still incorporate what we have been doing all year: drink more water, waist train, complete squats daily and try to attend Zumba or workout at least 3 days a week. Zumba kicks back off for the new year stay tuned. 

8. Have fun our challenges are meant to handle business but also encourage fun.

  • We are looking for women and who are ready to lose weight, build confidence, and create that hourglass shape with the NAO FIT gang FREE Fitness challenge!

No Fancy equipment needed

This challenge will help you:

  • Get rid of unwanted body fat!
  • Target your major lady zones (Abs, Butt… and all the rest)
  • Stay Consistent with Non-Nonsense
  • Accountability.
  • Remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is a community of likeminded, positive women in the fight with you to keep you motivated and on track!

 There are 3 misconceptions that keep women and snd men from starting or reaching their fitness goals?

  1. I have too much weight to lose.
  2. I have to spend 25 hours a day in the gym.
  3. Being sexy and getting fit is not attainable for me!

Looking and feeling great is not about the numbers on the scale or the length of time spent in the gym. It’s about being healthy and loving the body you see when you look in the mirror. It’s your life so you get to define what beauty means to you!  

I want to let you in on a BIG SECRET! If you are consistent, most of the weight loss and fitness programs will work. SO let’s address the elephant in the room.

Why didn’t they work for You???

I’ll tell you…  

After many years of helping women create a waistline they love, I discovered the key ingredient to weight loss success is community!

NAO FIT GANG has created a safe space where thousands of women from all around the globe connect, share, and motivate each other to reach their desired fitness outcome. SO join the challenge grab your Hello Abs Starter kit and join us at NAO Fit Gang

Learn how to join the challenge absolutely free!

The challenge is on the FB Group: NAO Fit Gang 


click below to join:

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